Miz Sassy Carter

Born Evania Carter on a cool  September evening, in San Fernando Valley , CA , a great star was born.

Miz Sassy began to pursue her singing career in the late 90’s. She was self propelled & motivated and started recording songs with musical greats like DOA “Derrick Allen” who’s been linked with: Janet Jackson, Lionel Richie, Tyrese & along with, Joe Archie, Ivan Johnson, David Rapacci, the late Robert Brookins the Wizr’d and many others.

Although Miz Sassy has  three albums in her catalog that have never been formally released, one caught on in the U.K. “Between Angels Wings” picked up in the UK fast. The GI road show has two songs from the BAW album, “Moaning Whoa” & “Teaser”, These songs were also played at the London Music Awards in 2006. Most recent, she took the award for best female R&B vocalist in the BMA Sounds of Soul Award Show.

She landed a P&D deal through Universal/Bungalo Records, with her hit single “Im a Hustla”. This song is a small depiction of what she has lived through and currently deals with. Miz Sassy has managed to get into rotation on several different radio stations & keep a constant flow of major events. She is a burst of Urban flavor that coincides with her “neighborhood girl” influences.

She is an actress as well as a well rounded songstress, and has no problem with getting the job done. Her acting ability allows her to have a more believable and productive concert and stage show with her musical performances. Miz Sassy has embraced stages in Mississippi , California , Florida , Nevada & Arizona with thunder and electrifying energy and skits that she inputs into her stage shows.

If you would like to book Miz Sassy Carter for an event, please send an email to:

  4 Responses to “Bio”

  1. hi im a big fan of miz sassy love her music want to know where she is preforming next

  2. This is my Little Sister, if you see this Message, and you see or Talk to her! Ask her to give her Big Sister a Call (Candy)? We are trying to Book her in California and District of Columbia? And her Big Brother’s want to see and here fro, Her?
    We Love Her very Much! Mom is just keeping her Jaguar until she comes back to California! !
    Moms Loves her Cadillacs!!

  3. love your music baby just getting turn on too it, just browsing and guess what fantastic miz sassy hmsixty ,Kansas city mo

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